Fishing Report 4-2-14

Fishing guides have seen a dramatic turn around on the lower end of the lake. Warming water and rising lake levels have made fish more active and has moved them shallower. The best patterns on the lower end have been with an XPS single tail grub, a storm wiggle wart and a Jewel Spider jig. Rig a smoke or salt and pepper single XPS single tail grub on a ¼ oz. head, target main lake transition areas where rock changes to gravel, count the bait down to a variety of depths until you start getting bites. The wiggle wart bite has been better on windy days, look for 45 degree rock banks to be the best locations. Channel swing banks close to spawning areas have been key for a jig. Jewel Pro spider jigs in green pumpkin candy and PB&J have been best matched with a J Tail grub or UV Beaver. Credits: Branson Fishing Guide Table Rock Lake Fishing Report