Lake Life Expo 2015

Boats, Boats and more Boats

Well, it’s boat show time again. One of biggest boat shows in the Branson, Springfield area is Lake Life Expo. This is put on by the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce. This is a great time to see what watercraft there is to offer in this area and start making plans for Summertime. This show offers more than just boats. Like the name implies this is all about the lake life or just getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.

This show offers more than just boats. Like the name implies this is all about the lake life or just getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. There’s more than 90,000 sq. ft. of ski boats, pontoons, PWCs, home decor, outdoor furniture, and more.

This show runs February 6-8, 2015 so if you are out and about on this great weekend you might want to check it out. Adults get in for only $5.00 and children under 12 are free as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


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Lake Life fishing

Lake   Life Boat Show


Annual Table Rock Lake Cleanup

Help keep Table Rock Lake Clean

The annual WK Lewis Shoreline Cleanup on Table Rock Lake is the first Saturday in April, that’s April 5th,  2014. Through the work of volunteers this project has, to date, removed over 179 tons of trash and 2,800 tires from Table Rock Lake!

This is a great annual project for all our fellow boaters to get involved in. Help do your part to improve our Lake Experience.  Trash bags, gloves, water bottles (please recycle), snacks and dumpsters to throw the trash into will be furnished.  Place appliances or tires along side the dumpster to be picked up separately and recycled. Help by gathering your friends, neighbors and family to form a team for the cleanup. You can clean up your location or we will help you coordinate a new area to clean up.

Upon completion of the cleanup all participants can receive a free t-shirt and a coupon for a free night of camping at any Table Rock Lake Corps of Engineers campgrounds once they register their cleanup team.

The weather forecast for Saturday April 5th, 2014 is Sunny and a high near 60. Who could ask for more? So call today and let’s put a team together and do our part.

Spring Cruise with Family on a pontoon boat

Spring Boating on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri

It’s finally spring and time to go boating and enjoy Table Rock Lake, near Branson, Missouri. Members of the Branson Boat Club have unlimited use of a fleet of boats for your family boating pleasure. Choose from ski and deck boats or family and dog friendly pontoons for a variety of water sports.

a Branson Boat Club family with their dog
Branson Boat Club family with their dog out for a Spring Cruise.

Rent, Lease or Buy a Boat? It’s About Time!

It’s about time. That’s the issue when deciding whether to rent, lease or buy a boat. The boating life is addicting. It is a great way for family and friends to bond. When on a boat you are effectively on your own little island. Unfortunately, Boating can be a rather expensive hobby. So, how much will you use a boat?

If you are only going to boat a few times a year, it may make sense to rent a boat. Renting a boat is a way to test the waters to see how your family responds to the boating life. It doesn’t take long to find out if your family is ready for fun on the water. One advantage of renting a boat is that you can chose a different boat for each outing. You may choose a ski/wakeboard boat one day, a pontoon or fishing boat the next time out. There are no commitments or liabilities beyond the day that you rent the boat. This is a great way to experience boating to see if this is a lifestyle that you want to invest in.

Here, on Table Rock Lake at Indian Point, a great place to rent a boat is Rock Lane Resort and Marina. Just south of the famous Silver Dollar City there is an abundance of family activities to experience. There is Table Rock Lake itself which is known for recreational activities such as swimming, fishing and boating. Another big attraction is Silver Dollar City which is a world class theme park which offers rides and exhibits for all ages. There’s a Zipline just up the road. It is just a short drive to Branson, Missouri to enjoy all the family oriented shows and attractions that has made Branson Famous.

So, after experiencing boating with family and friends, you want to spend more time out on the Lake. Boating is part of your life now. What to do? One downside to renting on a day to day basis are that you may not always be able to get a boat.  Rentals sometimes take a lot of abuse from inexperienced or reckless captains. And the costs add up the more you go boating.

Another option is a Boat Club. Not the Boat Club that is a social organization, but one that offers a fleet of boats. What these Clubs offer is essentially a shared lease of a boat fleet. You have unlimited use of a variety of boats for a set period of time. One advantage is that you still have a choice of vessels. Typically, the Boat Club Members are more experienced and take pride in the boats. After all, they will be bringing their family and friends boating with them. And availability is managed by the club. A good club will purchase new boats as demand warrants. All costs are known up front. The Club maintains, insures and handles all the hassles of owning a boat. You spend all your time enjoying boating without the worries of cleaning, towing and maintaining a boat.

The only Boat Club on Table Rock Lake is the Branson Boat Club. The Club maintains, insures and offers a fleet of new boats. The Branson Boat Club is pain and hassle free boating at its best. Located at Rock Lane Resort and Marina, it is the perfect setting to spend with family and friends.

Many people who buy a boat are surprised at all the costs that come with owning a boat. Some boater owners say that Boat= Break out another Thousand. This can be very true. There are the upfront costs of buying the boat and then the costs of all the toys and accessories that we think we need. Like life vests, anchors, boat covers, anchors, skis, wakeboards, and the list never ends. There is also the cost of insurance, taxes, maintenance, and storage.

But, for the serious boater owning a boat does have its advantages. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Some owners enjoy working on their boats, maintaining or customizing the vessel to their desires. Owning a boat can be as much a passion as the experience of Boating itself.

MarineMax Table Rock Lake is a good place to explore buying a new or used boat. They have a large variety of vessels to meet any boaters’ desires. And they offer great service after the sale.

So the decision to rent, lease or buy a boat is about time!